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  12 years ago

Santee Court wrote:

Blog / blogdowntown: A Peek Inside the Blackstone at Ninth and Broadway

We can expect some new neighbors soon!

B says that the units are nearly done, so note that this particular blog is about 7 months old...



A Peek Inside the Blackstone at Ninth and Broadway



 Though it may not look it from outside, the long-delayed conversion of the Blackstone department store to 82 residential units is finally rounding the home stretch nearly a decade after the project was first proposed.

Running the project are husband and wife team Allen Gross and Arax Harutunian of Neighborhood Efforts. Walking through the building with the two, it's immediately clear how much fun they have restoring historic buildings. They got into the field nearly fifteen years ago, when they took on the preservation of the Los Altos in 1995.

Full blog by Eric here at Blogdowntown.